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PHILIP’s books are currently closed… The information below refers to when his books re-open for new clients. When we decide to open his books again we’ll be putting out requests for potential client inquiries on Philip’s @pmtattoos Instagram, The Old Crow Tattoo @oldcrowtattoo instagram, our website www.oldcrowtattoo.com and all our social media accounts (facebook, twitter ,tumblr) with a specific email to contact. We’ll ask potential clients to include a brief description of what they’d like to have tattooed, the size and the placement for potential selection.

Philip is no longer taking new clients on waiting a list basis. Philip will be paying closer attention to his clients tattoo inspirations and will be choosing new clients based on request theme / style and size exclusively. Moving forward Philip will also be canceling his half and full day pay scale. He’ll be introducing a new hourly pay rate which can be inquired about by calling the shop. Philip Milic is thankful for all the outward interest and tattoo requests. He’ll be making suggestions to clients he will be unable to tattoo due to requests that are outside of his interests, by recommending other artists within the shop. Backpieces, Sleeves, and large format work in general will take precedent, smaller pieces will not be discriminated against but will be choose on a case by case basis in limited frequency. To those looking for an upper hand in the selection process, thinking big and requesting larger pieces, that will create more impactful, graceful, fluid tattoos is the way. These types of tattoos will be given precedent and will be Philip’s focus for the year of 2016.