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www.pmtattoos.com and instagram.com/pmtattoos/

Philip’s booking is a little different from other artists. He had a traditional wait list that got to a point of length that clients were on it for years. He has been very grateful for this and while continuing to chip away at that list and large works in progress, he still wants to make himself available to new clients. Every few months, we open his booking for new clients to skip his long wait by booking a full day appointment with him. A full day is 2pm-12am for $2500. Ordinarily clients meet with an artist for consultation a to discuss ideas, and return on a later date to get tattooed (paying only for the time you are actually getting tattooed). This process is condensed into 1 appointment, with the full day, understanding that you are going to him because you love his work and trust that you will feel comfortable getting a design that he draws that day. We do not always have exact dates on when we plan to open and close the booking. If it’s closed when you contact us, we do our best to estimate when the best time to try again will be. If you are interested in booking a full day, you can get a hold of us for schedule availability. All appointments require a $500 deposit in person, over the phone or via pay pal at the time of booking. He does not typically book his own appointments but the management and counter staff at Old Crow will be happy to discuss any booking inquiries. If your tattoo ends up taking longer than the blocked out amount of time, Philip will continue to work as long as you are comfortable or schedule you to return for another appointment. Any additional time will be at a rate of $250 per hour.
Appointment Day Rate: (2pm-12am)- $2,500
-consultation, drawing time, and tattoo time-

Feel free to call the shop with any questions at (510) 834-2769. Thank you so much!