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Philip has about a 2 year wait. He is no longer putting clients on a wait list as he already has so many people waiting to get tattooed by him. He is overwhelmed and very grateful by the amazing support for his art. He is offering walk ins and appointments or half and full days for clients that do not currently have work in progress with him

Walk Ins

Philip occasionally takes walk ins. They are offered after 6pm, when he is available. His availability is constantly changing and really the only way to keep up with his walk ins is to continue to check in with us. He is usually only able to take 1 client on these days. It is first come, first serve. We open at 1pm but people often show up before then and wait for someone to arrive. Clients are urged to come in earlier in the day to discuss their ideas with Philip and leave a $200 deposit to secure their 6pm spot. This money will go towards your tattoo. You are not charged for drawing time. Philip will need to spend time transforming your idea into a drawing for you before you guys get started so plan on spending the evening at the shop. We do our best to post his walk in availability in the BLOG portion of this web site,  on intstagram- www.instagram.com/oldcrowtattoo and on our facebook page- www.facebook.com/oldcrowtattooshop
Philip also does a lot of traveling to tattoo so we do our best to post about his travel plans as well.

Appointment Days

The half and full day appointments are a blocked out amounts of time that you are be able to book in advance. A half day is 1-6pm for $1500 and a full day is 1pm-12am for $2000. For these appointments, you are charged for your consultation and drawing time because your appointment was prioritized and you were able to book in advance. If you are interested in booking a half or full day you can get a hold of us for schedule availability and leave a $500 deposit in person or over the phone. If your tattoo ends up taking longer than the blocked out amount of time, Philip most of the time will continue to work as long as you would like. Any additional time will be at a rate of $200 per hour. His normal rates are as follows:

Walk in Pricing
Minimum:(tattoos that take less than 1 hour)- $250
Smaller Pieces:(tattoos that take less than 4 hours)- $300 per hour
Larger Pieces:(tattoos that take more than 4 hours)- $200 per hour

Appointment Day Rates
Half Day:(1pm-6pm)- $1,500
Full Day:(1pm-12am)- $2,000

Feel free to call the shop with any questions at (510) 834-2769. Thank you so much!